About Foundations Footwear and Founder Bill Stone

In 1993 an aspiring triathlete, Bill Stone, took a job at one of the original Fleet Feet running stores in his hometown of Pleasanton, California. It was a perfect job involving working with people who had the same interests and spare time to finish college homework in between customers. Also, through being a team member on the Fleet Feet Racing Team he got to train with some of the craziest and coolest people around which got him started into racing Ironman triathlons and running events of all distances.

In the beginning Bill helped and coached a few regular customers, but over the years the number has turned into thousands. Thousands of athletes with a thousand different reasons for doing what they do and a thousand reasons standing in the way of doing what they love. Trying to solve all those training barriers for others as well as his own, he found that athletes of all levels get injured or drop out by not possessing all of the following 6 qualities—joy for the sport, training plan, core strength, muscle balance and flexibility, proper equipment and most of all good biomechanics.

After years of helping athletes with the first five qualities and working with gurus like the late world-renowned podiatrist Dr. Bill Olsen in San Francisco and Paul Carrozza, guru and owner of RunTex in Austin Texas, he was ready to start the study of pedorthics. In 2000, Bill studied at the nation’s premier pedorthic program and passed his board’s certification test to become a Board Certified Pedorthist. This turned his customers into “patients” and could now work with doctors solving biomechanical and other lower extremity injuries.

Making and fitting foot orthotics for thousands of patients later and opportunities to work with some of the world’s best elite athletes, Foundations Footwear was born. By aligning Ready to Run (the best running equipment store in Austin), doctors, therapists and coaches, Foundations Footwear offers solutions to any kind of barrier an athlete may encounter.

Bill lives for spending free time with his wife and local midwife Monika, 12 year-old-son, 8 year-old-daughter and 11 year-old-"Staffy" Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The family plays very hard BMX and MTB racing, cycling, running, swimming, soccer, going to Lifetime Fitness South Austin and getting out into anything else that Mother Nature has to offer. Because of his fondess of long-steep climbs and suffering, Bill’s athletic goal is to one day finish the Western States 100 mile Endurance Run and cycle The Everest Challenge in the California Sierras and do the Leadville 100 MTB race.


Services and products 

• Complete foot examinations and gait analysis

• Custom functional and
accommodative orthotic
insoles using the latest
state-of-the-art techniques
and materials*

• Shoe modifications*

• On-site or outcall appointments available

• Networked with the best
physicians and specialists

• Fast turn-around time

*some services and products dispensed through prescription.