Foundations Footwear offers the finest custom orthotics at very affordable prices

With an extensive background working with the athlete our pedorthist, Bill Stone, brings a very unique approach towards your goal of optimum functionality and health. State-of-the-art technology and materials along with professional thoroughness and old-fashioned compassion has always been our recipe for success.

Don’t wait for pain – be proactive about your health!
Along with a well-fitted and supportive shoe our custom accommodative foot orthotic offers your body a sound foundation. Simply replace your shoe’s unsupportive stock insole with the orthotic. Most quality footwear offers this option. Only Foundations Footwear has the technology to look at the foot “in motion” from heel to toe inside of your shoe then make the orthotic directly from the reading. It will not only make sure the full-length orthotic fits perfectly to every contour of your foot, but also help your feet function better.

Give your body the same care and support as a professional athlete!
  Foundations Footwear’s orthotics have been the foundation between athlete and arena in many of the world’s top sporting events including the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Series, Tour de France, NCAA National Football Championships, U.S. Open and Hawaii Ironman. With 15 years experience it is no wonder why the University of Texas’ Men’s Athletic Training Department trusts Foundations Footwear for their athletes.


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Services and products

• Complete foot examinations and gait analysis

• Custom functional and
accommodative orthotic
insoles using the latest
state-of-the-art techniques
and materials*

• Shoe modifications*

• On-site or outcall appointments available

• Networked with the best
physicians and specialists

• Fast turn-around time

*some services and products dispensed through prescription.