Carmen Ayala-Troncoso - Coach, Athlete and Potter
Master’s age group record holder
Track – 1,500m (45-49), 3,000m (40), 5,000m (40) and 10,000 meters (40)
Road – 5km (45-49), 8km (45-49) and 10km (45-49)

Participated in 4 Olympic Trials and 4 World XC Championships representing the USA and won XC 8,000m and 5,000m race at the 2006 World Master’s Championships.

I have been running and racing since 1980. I have only had minor injuries, mostly lasting 2-3 weeks. Nothing that a few days off couldn’t cure. However, years of track racing and intense workouts have taken a toll (I’m now an over 40 runner). I started with an inflamed bursa on my left hip and this started with series of nagging, mild injuries, culminating on an overuse injury on my right ankle which forced me to take 9 weeks off.

Towards the end of the 9 weeks, I ran into Bill Stone who told me about his orthotics. I have to say that I have never thought about getting orthotics – choosing instead to work on strength and muscle stability. Once I saw his orthotics I decided to give them a try. They were a “soft” design, so it seemed like a good compromise.

I had my orthotics in time to start my comeback. First walking in them, they felt perfect instantly. I felt my foot in alignment with my knee and my hip. I haven’t run one day without them (over a year). If I forget to pack them, then I just don’t run that day.

I must add that if Bill Stone was not as knowledgeable as he is, I’m not sure that I would have gotten them. I only have to tell him how my foot feels for him to know what adjustments to make to the orthotics.

Stephan Schwarze - Engineer, Athlete and Coach for CogniTri
33 Ironman Finishes
2007 Ironman World Championship Hawaii: 1st in M40-44
2006 Finished 7 Ironman races in 5 months all in under 10 hours
2006 USAT National Champion Long Course Duathlon
2005 USAT National Champion Sprint Triathlon
2005 Ironman World Championship Hawaii: Fastest Amateur run in 2:55
2005 Ironman World Championship Hawaii: 4th in M35-39

I would like to thank Bill Stone for providing great orthotics to improve not only my biomechanics when running, but also my race performances.

For years I’ve had major foot problems especially in marathon running portion of the Ironman Triathlon. I’ve competed in over 30 Ironman triathlons and placed on the podium in Hawaii twice. Last year, Bill worked with me analyzed my foot biomechanics and with the help of his AcuStep technology he designed a pair of orthotics.

In the following 3 Ironman races, not only did I not have any foot problems during the marathon section anymore, I was also able to improve my run split by about ten minutes.

Thanks to Bill Stone – a great service and a great product which helped me to run pain free and faster!

Trey Hardee - Professional Athlete Nike Track and Field
2009 Decathlon World Champion
2008 Beijing Olympian Team USA Decathlete
NCAA Record Holder Decathlon and Heptathlon

Before being introduced to Bill Stone, I was having extreme discomfort in my feet. Both the top of my feet and ankle joints had been inflamed, blocked and subsequently shot up with steroids to try and calm them down. After a few unsuccessful treatments, I was sent to Bill who fitted me for his AcuStep orthotics. After the first week of using them in my casual shoes, training flats and track spikes the pain was gone! The anguish I had associated with practice wasn’t so bad anymore! Rather than agonizing over the simplest of tasks, I was back to my old self! Obviously, being a track and field athlete, my feet play a vital role in my wellbeing and my performance. My feet help me make a living and my orthotics make that possible.

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